Safety Inspections and Audits

Structures, events and construction sites, whether temporary or permanent, require regular audited checks to ensure they remain safe and fit for purpose. These checks form part of the health and safety plan and may be called upon in the event of an issue or accident.


Our site inspection team provide this service to a range of clients on both a planned and unannounced basis so as to enforce continual commitment to health and safety standards at all times.


Inspections and audits are a core part of health and safety implementation and if introduced and handled correctly avoid the tag of 'checking up' or 'snooping' and become a welcomed part of the project process by all concerned.


Our consultants have a wealth of experience in inspections and auditing and have an agreed way of working that gains buy in from staff and contractors without impacting efficiency or casing unnecessary delay to projects or works.


Many of our clients report that we deliver our site inspections and audits in a manner whereby those working on the site, at the venue or on the specific project understand that the inspection is about protecting them, rather than necessarily enforcing rules.


For friendly, efficient but most importantly careful review of your health and safety in action, please