There are specific legislative and best practice requirements for the use of display screen equipment such as computers and their configuration and use, and Safety Desk Consulting can assist organisations to comply with these requirements and thereby protect their staff from adverse health effects.

The assistance that can be provided ranges from an audit of computer workstations, development of suitable policies and procedures, to assessment of individual workstations and the training of computer users in correct working methods and posture.

Under the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992, employers have a responsibility to identify all DSE users and carry out appropriate analysis of their work-stations.  Workstations must meet the criteria laid out in the schedule to the above regulations.

All DSE users should have their workstations analysed annually, or in other words, risk assessed. The risk assessment may be carried out by the DSE user themselves as long as they have received a briefing on how to carry it out.

Safety Desk Consulting will help you comply with the DSE legislation in accordance with HSE guidance at a very reasonable and competitive price.