Fire Risk Assessment

The responsibility of ensuring that all the necessary steps are taken to protect occupants of a building in the event of fire falls to the business or property owner.


To fulfil these obligations, it’s essential that you have periodic fire risk assessments to identify risks, hazards and threats in the premises and take the required remedial actions to improve fire safety, while complying with the latest regulatory advice.


Safety Desk Consulting provide trained and qualified assessors and our experience within the Fire Service, coupled with a thorough knowledge of fire safety issues and the Regulations, means you will never need to be concerned should the Fire Service visit your premises, because your fire safety arrangements will meet their requirements.

Our comprehensive report and other fire-related documents which meet the national standards will provide you with a cost-effective package. Our annual visit will ensure you are always covered and operating within the law year on year.

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Our Fire Risk Assessment 


We Provide a Full Fire Risk Assessment Service Tailored to Your Business

With us, you’ll get a full assessment of your business’ fire hazards, advice on how to control any identified risks and an overall risk rating. Our team will also create an action plan, so you know what your next steps are to remain fire safe and compliant.


We Have Fully Qualified & Insured Assessors

Our fire risk assessors are fully qualified with a vast knowledge, experience and competency of carrying out fire risk assessments.


Multi-Site Discounts

If your business has multiple sites, we are able negotiate and provide a suitable discount and price that is competitive for the client that covers all sites/locations.


Efficient & Friendly Service

Safety Desk Consulting pride ourselves on our ability to provide a consistently high level of customer service to our clients.


Fire and Legionella Risk Assessment - One Stop Service

Our assessors are trained to provide both legionella and fire risk assessment which means that you will not be dealing with different assessors. This will save you time and the problem of having to deal with multiple companies in other to solve your compliance needs.