The responsibility of ensuring that all the necessary steps are taken to protect occupants of a building in the event of a fire falls to the business or property owner. To fulfil these obligations, it’s essential that you have periodic fire risk assessments to identify risks, hazards and threats in the premises and take the required actions to improve fire safety, while complying with the latest regulatory obligations.

Our fire risk assessment will help you comply with your duties and responsibilities under the following:

  1. HSW Act 1974

  2. MHSWR 1999

  3. PAS 79

  4. RRFSO 2005


Our fire audit templates are developed in conjunction with fire safety experts. It is very robust and dynamic and specifically designed to capture and address every aspect of your duty under the above listed regulation as well as protect your business from fire or any litigation related to fire safety.


Safety Desk Consulting provides trained and qualified assessors and our experience within the Fire Service, coupled with a thorough knowledge of fire safety issues and the Regulations, means you will never need to be concerned should the Fire Service visit your healthcare practice. 

Our comprehensive report and other fire-related documents which meet the national standards will provide you with a cost-effective package. Our annual visit will ensure you are always covered and operating within the law year in year out.

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