Legionella Risk Assessment


Safety Desk Consulting specialises in providing clear and concise Legionella risk assessments for a wide range of clients. Having assessed the risks we then provide all the services needed to prevent Legionnaires’ Disease and also ensure ACoP L8 and HSG274 requirements are met.

We will send a legionella bacteria risk assessor to assess your water system including your cold water storage tank in the loft where applicable. Following the audit, a report will then be produced, including a schematic drawing of your water system. 

That is not all, Safety Desk Consulting will give you a temperature probe and a template for recording your monthly water testing which will enable you to comply with ACoP L8, HSG274 and COSHH.

Our water samples are sent to and analysed by the best and biggest names in the water bacteria analysis business in the U.K.

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The ACOP L8 regulations(*) indicate that a suitable and sufficient risk assessment is the first step in Legionnaires’ Disease prevention. The objective is to identify all water systems where legionella bacteria could potentially grow and assess the risk of people being exposed to contaminated aerosols from them. All water systems need to be included in the legionella risk assessment, but particular attention needs to be paid to:

  • Hot & cold water systems

  • Cooling water systems, cooling towers and evaporative condensers

  • Spa pools

  • Spray humidifiers, misters, air washers and wet scrubbers

  • Safety showers, sprinklers, vehicle wash systems

  • Fountains and water features

  • Any other system containing water in which Legionella could grow and be released in aerosol droplets

Every Legionella Risk Assessment Includes:

Legionella Risk Assessment

Full comprehensive in-depth report

Water system schematic


List of all associated assets

Photos from the risk and remedial actions

Temperature readings

A breakdown of the legionella risk

Guidance on your duties

An informative introduction to Legionella

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