Complying with UK health and safety legislation can be a complicated process, but research has shown that managing health and safety correctly not only protects your workers but also saves money in the long run.


Our Range of Services

  • Legionella Risk Assessment (LRA)

  • Fire Risk Assessment (FRA)

  • Health and Safety Inspections and Audit

  • Disability Access Audit (DAA)

  • Competent Person Service


Workplace Risk Assessments

The fundamental cornerstone of an organisation's health and safety arrangements are the identification of potentially hazardous areas and activities together with the health and safety risks for people involved in each of these areas and activities, with regards to Health & Safety Legislation (Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, Regulation 3).


We can carry out a comprehensive assessment of the workplace risks for client's premises and produce a report detailing the recommended risk improvements with timescales for completion.


Site Inspections

Independent site inspections represent a recognised method of verifying a companies standard of health and safety on their construction sites and their compliance with health and safety legislation.


The methods used by ourselves involve producing a detailed report with a traffic light system of comments coded in green, amber, red or purple. Green indicates a low-level risk, amber is a medium level of risk, red is a high level of risk requiring prompt attention and purple is a very high level of risk requiring urgent action.


Fire Risk Assessment

Recent fire legislation places the onus of responsibilities on the employer, landlord or any person (the responsible person) having control over the building. The responsible person must carry out fire risk assessment and take reasonable steps to remove or reduce the risk. We can carry out a detailed fire risk assessment of premises and produce a report detailing the recommended improvements with timescales for completion. Fire Safety Training can also be provided.

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