CQC Health and Safety Compliance


Safe to practice is one of the standards every healthcare facility must meet during CQC inspections.  The elements under that standard are fire risk assessment, legionella risk assessment, disability access audit and workplace health and safety audit. 

Our CQC Compliance risk assessments and audits are designed to ensure that every element of "Safe to Practice" is covered. Our audit templates are very robust and far reaching, touching every aspect of the check list the CQC uses for the safe-to-practice inspection.

Health and safety compliance in the healthcare sector can be very complex and both CQC and the Health and Safety Executives (HSE) recognise this, and advises responsible persons to engage the services of competent persons to help them comply with their obligation. 

We work closely with dental practices, care homes, GP surgeries, NHS clinics etc. Our assessors are very experienced and well trained, and some were CQC inspectors prior to joining us. 

Our assessors are trained to carry out the four critical risk assessments and audits on one single visit. This actually separates us from many of our competitors who often will send two or more assessor on different visits to complete those four critical surveys.


Our offer will save you from having to make unnecessary arrangements for visits you don't need, which may lead to more unwanted disruptions to your sometimes very busy schedule. And because we can carryout all the surveys on one visit, we can afford to pass on the savings in the form of lower costs.


Our price starts from as little as £490.00 for our CQC compliance risk assessments when the four assessments are booked together

Ligature Risk Assessment


We help care homes and supported living service providers to carry out ligature and environment risk audits that is sufficient to comply with the law and protect your business from costly claims and litigation. 


Health and Safety Audit


The health and safety audit ensures that you business is in compliance with every bit of the legal requirement for your industry. 

Specifically, you will be in compliance with the duties of employer under the HSW Act 1974 as well as the MHSWR 1999. 

Disability Access Audit


This audit will bring your business into compliance with the Equality act 2010. 

The Equality Act 2010 legally protects people from discrimination in the workplace and in wider society. 

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