Safety Desk Consulting is a dependable source of professional and expert advice in health and safety, offering value-for-money robust solutions and supports to many businesses

We work closely with duty holders helping them navigate the sometimes complex and complicated health and safety laws and regulations. We take the compliance needs of our clients personal, ensuring they are protected from costly and damaging claims and litigation. 

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Safety Desk Consulting has a wide range of health and safety solutions designed to meet the compliance needs of healthcare businesses regulated and inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Some of our clients include dental practices, care homes, surgeries, supported living, N.H.S clinics etc. Our assessors are very experienced and well trained, and some were CQC inspectors before joining us. 

We have many years experience in helping healthcare businesses to solve their health and safety requirements. Signing up for this service will ensure your business is protected and complies with the standards used by CQC and health and safety inspectors. 

We work closely with landlords, property managers, HMO owners and other businesses to carry out fire and legionella risk assessments at their properties and business premises


Our wide ranging experience and deep understanding of all the regulations affecting HMO ownership positions us as your number one partner in meeting your compliance needs.

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Legionella Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment

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Disability Access Audit

Third Party Certification

All our fire risk assessors are members of the Institute of Fire Prevention Officers (IFPO). 

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