Health and Safety Audit and Inspection

At Safety Desk Consulting we use a 3 step approach to ensure that the management of your health and safety is compliant with the regulation, and protects you from accident and litigation.


1. The Health & Safety Audit is carried out by an experienced and fully qualified consultant,  who will:

  • Assess the extent to which your organisation complies with the relevant legislation.

  • Reviews your organisation’s health & safety policies, arrangements and management systems.

  • Assess requirement to manage health & safety risks as detailed in HSE guidance.


2. As soon as the Audit is done, we will carry out a Workplace Health and Safety Inspection, which includes:

  • A Safety Desk Consulting ‘level A’ comprehensive inspection of the workplace.

  • A ‘level A’ overview of health & safety compliance.

  • Advice and guidance on compliance with legislation and best practice.


3. Findings and recommendations from the Health and Safety Audit are recorded in a comprehensive report, which includes:

  • An executive summary with prioritised findings and recommendations.

  • An Action Plan covering all findings and recommendations.

  • Photographs.

  • Management Audit Checklist

  • Workplace Inspection Checklist

  • Health And Safety Audit Document.

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